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Engineering Successful Careers

Hi, my name is Garla.
I am a speaker, author, and career coach. 
I help women and mothers discover the best career choices for their talents and dreams. 
If you have been dreaming about a more fulfilling career, we need to talk.
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What Is A Fluid Career? 

A career approach that allows for ebbs and flows as life occurs. In some seasons, careers need to slow down or ramp up. 
Perhaps you relocated with a spouse, a loved one needs us or our own emotional well being needs to be addressed. 
Onramping and off-ramping to and from a career should be well thought out and strategically approached. 
While the career is ebbing and flowing, professionals should continue to acquire knowledge, be curious, have an attitude of life long learning and have goals and aspirations.  

Enjoy a more fluid career

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